Teddy Bears and Other Memory Items

Teddy Bears can be made in 4 sizes:  26", 20" 16" and 11".
Your fabric or mine.  With or without eyes, nose and mouth.
Ribbons, vests, hat are additional cost.

11" Teddy Bears for special children.

Teddy Bear family for a customer's friend who lost their mother.
26" and 16".

16" Teddy bear made from a boys t-shirt.

16" Teddy Bear made from a little girls t-shirt.

16" Teddy Bear made for a little baby girl.

16" and 11" Teddy Bears for special little ones.

Teddy Bears made for grandchildren from grandmother's clothes.

20" and 26" Teddy Bear family made from a dad's shirts for the grown  children and wife.

11" Teddy Bears made from a grandmother's robe for the grandchildren.

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  1. $33 for 26" Teddy Bear
    $30 for 20" Teddy Bear
    $26 for 16" Teddy Bear
    $20 for 11" Teddy Bear

    Eyes and Nose are optional