Sewing Classes with Peggy Mason Designs

Here are some items than can be made in class with an instructor and assistant.  Class size is typically 3-5 students.  Fabrics may be provided by the student or a kit can be purchased for $9-13 depending upon the item to be made.  Students can bring their own machine and supplies or they may use one of our classroom sewing machines and supplies. 

Contact Peggy Mason at 512-423-6329 or email at

We always look forward to having a class learn something new!

Class made 2 unlined zipper cases.  So fun!
Class made a "Cross-Body Bag".  So talented.
Fred made a unicorn before the class so he could help during the class.
Sarah wanted to make a small pillow so she found some cute elephant pillow fabric.
Sewing with Peggy Mason Designs.
These young ladies made a unicorn.
Sewing with Sarah. She selected her fabric and made a pillow just for her.


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