Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Peggy Mason Designs - Sewing for Keeps
  • Designer - Instructor - Servicing Sewing Machines.
  • Private Lessons or Group Lessons.
  • Custom Items based on customer specifications.
    • Totes, diaper bags, zipper cases, purses, wallets
    • Blankets and pillows
    • Kitchen items - aprons, table runners, napkins, placemats
    • Stuffed toys (Teddy Bears, Elephants, Giraffes, Unicorn)
    • Custom Monogramming and Embroidery 
  • Classroom provides sewing machines and notions.
  • Bring your own fabrics or purchase a kit.
  • Located in Austin, Texas.
  • Call or email to schedule a class or private lessons.
  • Email for a brochure to be sent to you for specific items:
    • Blankets and Pillows
    • Totes, Purses, Zipper cases
    • Baby or Children Items
    • Kitchen Items - table runners, napkins, aprons
    • Custom Sun Sails 
Classes are designed for age group and item to be made. 
Check the "Class Items Examples"  page for ideas of classroom sewing.
    Fred made a Unicorn before class.
    Fred and Lizzie with the Teddy Bear
    Rag Quilt with Hannah
    Students made a Unicorn
    Sarah made a robe for her American Girl Doll.



I have been sewing for many years and opened my sewing business in 2008.  Our sewing center is set up for up to 6 students to learn comfortably.  I am a trained Sewing Instructor and can help you make your ideas a reality.